The Way Forward


  1. Form a team, drawn from a Stakeholder Group, which would look at the viability of the Project and produce an interim report . If this report is favourable the team would establish an agreed ‘’Further Study’’ budget and obtain the funding to conduct further work.

  2. A Study Group would then be appointed, with the necessary experience and  expertise, to decide the final route of the System and obtain the necessary way leaves and permissions for the route. The Study Group would  liaise with potential Civil Engineering Contractors and Monorail/ LRT manufacturers to establish a firm budget for the project.

  3. On the acceptance of the budget, the Study Group would appoint a Design Team which would  produce the specification for the Project and based on competitive tenders appoint a Joint Venture comprised of a Civil Engineering Contractor and a Monorail/ LRT Manufacturer. The Joint Venture would take on the role of Main Contactor for a Design and Construct contract for the complete project. The JV would be responsible for the appointment of contractors required to carry out the civil engineering and other construction and services requirements of the Project (such as, but not limited to, bridges, tunnels, station infrastructures, power supplies , safety systems, communications and control systems).

  4. The  Study Group would then act as consultants to oversee the  Design and Construct Contract.

  5. Clyde Monorail Ltd would act in a consultative role throughout the Study, Design and Construction phases of the project.