The Economics of the West Clyde Transit link 


The project is an alternative to the Tram Train link that has been proposed to connect Glasgow Airport to Glasgow Central Station. From an early stage it became clear that, with the addition of intermediate stations along the route, we are looking at a major transport infrastructure project with an enormous positive economic effect all along the Clyde. The proposed intermediate stations would be at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, the Transport Museum, Govan Cross, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the Braehead Shopping Centre and Renfrew Town. It would also provide a spur line to connect the Airport to Paisley Gilmour Street Station and this will enhance the accessibility for passengers from Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Ayrshire

Areas that would see a particularly major impact in commercial and residential development would be in Renfrew and the area around the Transport Museum. The full economic consequences would require a study which is beyond the scope of these initial outline proposals.


Project costs


Any analysis of economic returns must start with an estimation of project costs and we have examined some historical data to arrive at a figure for the overall project cost.


Over the past 20 years a number of Monorail systems have been constructed worldwide and using the final costs of these projects corrected for inflation and converted to pounds sterling the average cost per kilometre is £21 million. The Clyde Monorail will be substantially constructed on river beds, hence the anticipated construction costs will be considerably lower than conventional monorails constructed in urban areas over roads. The average cost figure is appropriate for the Clyde Monorail Project. To allow for contingencies a figure of £27 million per kilometre has used to calculate the the final cost.


The projected final cost for the main West Clyde Transit Link  based on a 12 kilometre route would be between £324 million and £400 million and this includes a projected cost of £75 million for the Paisley spur.