Project Costs

In conjunction with a leading Monorail manufacturer, studies have been conducted to establish cost information based on recently completed and in progress projects. These studies have taken into account the unique characteristics of this project, such as the alignment of the route, way leave considerations, geological conditions along the route, construction access, prefabrication opportunities and the minimisation of disruption during construction. These studies have indicated that an average cost of £50 million per kilometre is appropriate for this project.

The Project Costs for the West Clyde Transit Link would be between £750 million and £850 million and this includes the cost of the Paisley Shuttle.

                                                           Cost Estimate Breakdown

                     Piling.                                                                                            £  50 m

                     Tunnelling and underground stations at Linthouse and Govan £160 m

                     Abutments, Track, Switches, Stations, Maintenance Building.   £310 m

                     Rolling Stock and Special Trains.                                                 £100 m

                     Train Control System.                                                                   £  25 m

                     Energy Supply Network.                                                               £  25 m

                     Telecoms and Communication Network.                                     £  20 m

                     Workshop Depot and Control Centre.                                          £  15 m

                     Automated Fare Collection System.                                             £  30 m

                            Project Management and Design Services                                   £100 m

                    Total Budget Cost                                                    £835 m