A Mass Transit System for the West Clyde Corridor


The intent of the West Clyde Transit Link is to provide a Mass Transport Infrastructure for the West Clyde Corridor, running from the centre of Glasgow (Central Railway Station) to the Airport, with Stations at the Barclays WorldTech Centre, The Glasgow Quay, the Science Centre/BBC/STV Complex (with access to the Crown Plaza Hotel and the SECC Complex via the Clyde footbridges), Govan Cross, Fairfield/BAE, Linthouse/CWIC, the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the Braehead Shopping Centre, Renfrew Town and the AMIDS Complex.  In addition to the direct connection from the Airport to the centre of Glasgow the system would serve the transport needs of communities to the West and South West of the centre of Glasgow, such as Kelvinhaugh, Fineston, Kevinside, Patrick, Ibrox, Cessnock, Kinning Park, Govan, Linthouse and Renfrew Town. The system would also include a single track Spur Line from the Glasgow Airport Terminal Building to Gilmour Street Railway Station. This spur would provide Paisley and the communities on the Clyde Coast, such as Greenock, Gourock, Largs, Irvine, Ayr and Stranraer with a link to Glasgow Airport. The construction and the operational benefits of West Clyde Transit Link would provide a substantial incentive to economic development along its route and the wider West of Scotland area.

The West Clyde Transit Link would travel for a substantial proportion of the route above the river beds of the Clyde and the Cart and would be located close to the river banks. Click on the button at the foot of the page to see an illustration of a typical riverside station. The use of the river beds for a substantial proportion of the route has a number of economic advantages. The cost of obtaining land and wayleaves would be substantially less than an overland route and most of the construction work and the delivery of materials would be conducted from barges using techniques which are commonplace in the Offshore Oil and Wind Generation Sectors.

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