Govan Tunnel Information

In two areas, the route of the Monorail/ LRT takes it through high density residential districts. These areas are Linthouse and Govan and to minimise the impact of the System, this section of the route will be underground. The west tunnel portal will be within the grounds of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the east portal will be on the Govan Road adjacent to the Govan Graving Docks. Twin tunnels will run under the line of the Govan Road with underground stations at Govan Cross, Fairfield/ BAE and Linthouse/CWIC (See detail Route Map "Govan Cross to QEUH")

The tunnels will 6m diameter, 2.5 km long with escape cross passages every 300 m.

Click on the button "Tunnel detail " for a cross section drawing of the tunnel.

To estimate the costs of these tunnels we have been guided by the UK Government report 'HS2 A guide to tunnelling costs'.