The route from the Braehead Station to the Transport Museum offers the most difficult design problem in the entire route.


From Braehead the first difficulty encountered is the working  King George V dock which requires ship access to its docksides. The best solution is to take the monorail onshore and run it down Kings Inch Drive then along Renfrew Road until it reaches the entrance to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where a station for the hospital would be built over the road adjacent to the main entrance.


 A major feature of this route is the close proximity of the station to the hospital.




The next obstacle on the route is the shipyard of BAE Systems which needs to launch ships and modules into the river. The maximum height of these is 40 metres which is determined by the clearance at the Erskine Bridge.

The solution is to swing the route of the monorail away from Renfrew road towards the river where it meets a high level section of monorail which crosses to the north bank with the required height clearance  for BAE traffic. More detail of this is shown in a separate section.

The route would then continue on the north side of the Clyde to the Transport Museum. At the Museum the route would actually step onto land to allow the station to be built at the entrance to the Transport Museum. This detail is shown below.

Braehead to Transport Museum