The Paisley Shuttle   (Access from the Airport to Paisley) 


Access to Paisley would be provided by a single track Spur Line running from the Airport Terminal to Gilmour Street Station using the River Cart as the conduit for the route, as shown on the attached map. The System would run a shuttle service and would be an unmanned system capable of responding to demand by a keyboard operation from a central control room. 

The route proposed would exit the Airport property and pass over Abbotsinch Road joining the River Cart and turn south under the M8 viaduct. It would then proceed along the bed of the river to Paisley Harbour, continuing on Harbour Road and Abercorn Street then rising to cross over the A726 bridge carrying Niddry Street. It would continue at this level to cross the bridge at Weir Street and terminate in a Station above Weir Street, parallel to the viaduct at Gilmour Street Station, with direct access to the  main line platforms. The length of this link would be 1.8 Km giving a journey time of 2 minutes.


By choosing this route and constructing the System on the bed of the river Cart and on public roads we retain all the advantages of our main proposal:-

                                        - No significant land or property has to be acquired,

                                        - No bridges or tunnels required,

                                        - No disruption to the M8 motorway,

                                        - No impact on the time-tabling and operations of the Ayr and Gourock heavy rail network,

                                        - Using proven technology.

To view an illustration of the Paisley Gilmour Street  Station and the route from the Airport to Gilmour Street click on the buttons below.